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Trailers, trucks, vans, refuse and recycling vehicles...

Traxx™ has a framing product to suit all. All of our products are patented and independently tested by MIRA in the UK to the highest possible standard and with the harsh truck environment in mind.

  • Change of graphics is now 170 times quicker compared to the traditional adhesive posting methods, under all weather conditions, day or night!

  • 30 minutes are enough for a graphics change to a truck!!

  • Graphic changes are possible under rain, cold or hot! The weather conditions are no longer a problem!!

  • One-piece printing, without tiles and color differences.


  • Switch campaigns as many times a year as you like!!

  • Application to over 10.000 trucks in 11 countries, communicating and promoting some of the world’s most respected brands!!

  • European Certification for high safety standards during trips

  • 100% Recyclable materials. The slimmest and lightest system available in the market

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